Kelley Green Biofuel was founded in St. Louis in 2008, but the seeds of its inspiration were sown well before that on a grain farm in western Kentucky. That’s where founder and CEO, Kristopher Kelley grew up learning about the pursuit of sustainability from his father – one of the earliest advocates of sustainable biofuels.

Fast forward to Kristopher’s college years at Washington University, where, in an entrepreneurship class at the Olin Business School, he developed the idea for Kelley Green Biofuel. It was a big idea that started small and continues to grow. With a collection service in St. Louis and one small refinery (designed and built by Kristopher from recycled and salvaged materials) at Woodland Farm in Kentucky, we now recycle waste vegetable oil from restaurants and other food prep facilities to be refined and turned into biodiesel. The fuel is then sold to local farms and businesses in Kentucky and St. Louis.